Jed Clampett Lifestyle Design – Off to Beverly…

Jed Clampett Lifestyle Design - Off to Beverly...

Jed Clampett Lifestyle Design – Off to Beverly…

I wanted to post this article, the author Corbett Barr is a favorite of mine.

In this post he links to a ton of great articles he’s written on lifestyle design,

blogging, and being a digital nomad.

All topics near and dear to my heart…what I really love about his writing is that he is a

doer – not just a talker.

So what does Jed Clampett have to do with this…?

Read on and find out ;)

Corbett doesn’t just come at this from a ’4 Hour Workweek’ perspective.  He has also been

involved in the ‘other’ kind of start-up with venture capitalists and boards of directors, the whole 9 yards.

This is a die hard entrepreneurs perspective from the Hard side of the trenches and beyond.

A Guided Tour of Lifestyle Design, Location Independence and …

“As mentioned last week, we’re going to feature more of the “big picture” and the stories behind entrepreneurship and online business building here. This is the first…

 My wife and I packed up our Subaru with everything we thought we’d need over 9 months and headed off on our first sabbatical.

We even brought our dog Kinsey along. The plan was to head south into Mexico and travel around the country, stopping for between one night and a month in different places. I had just left the startup I poured almost three years of blood, sweat and tears into.

Caught with our pants down in the 2008 financial crisis without revenue to keep the company afloat, we had to go back to the VCs with hat in hand. It was terrible timing.


I think for a lot of us not facing the best of times financially, packing your car up,

snatching the dog, and heading for Mexico may sound like a fun escape, but no more than

an unrealistic daydream when we have real, and harsh responsibilities that need to be

dealt with.

But here’s the thing, if you have to start over anyway…why not start over in a life that you


I mean, unless you started out at the top before, this is nothing new, you are going to

have to find your way in a whole new world – but it can be a world of your choosing (this


It’s so sad to me to see people that are looking for a job, either because they are

unemployed or they don’t like their current job – looking for the same miserable


Here’s an example, I have this friend Jim, Jim was a truckdriver.

Everytime I saw Jim the subject would eventually turn to work, as it often does.

It would be hard to forget that Jim HATED his job.  Any time he talked about it he would

get so fired up that it totally overshadowed anything else that was going on.

With the resulting slow economy in the US Jim got layed off from this hated job.

Instead of being grateful of being relieved of the lousy job that he so disliked and finding

something that he had passion for and enjoyed….

Jim went right out and found another similar job – so he could be miserable again!

And wouldn’t ya know…it worked – he found misery again, and didn’t even get a raise!

The funny thing is, Jim doesn’t have a family to look after, he doesn’t even have a dog that

would need to be figured into his escape plan.

He could have just tied up a few loose ends, and hit the road headed for greener pastures.

But I guess that’s not what realistic people do…

Is it, that they consider it irresponsible?

If you know that you are wasting your life…your energy and your time, (which are what life

is really made up of, not titles and material objects) to keep a job, or to keep up

appearances for a life you really don’t enjoy anyway, there really isn’t anything more


Your life is not a dress rehearsal, every moment wasted can never be recovered.

That’s not to say that you won’t have to figure out some real world problems…like how

to earn a living – while you’re out Living?

Or how to handle schooling for the kids – on the road?

How to bring pets with for the ride, and then some?

How to talk the spouse, or significant other, into it?

How to actually ‘pull the trigger’ and do it…?

Sound difficult?

No one ever wishes they had spent more time working on their deathbed.

Most, wish they had taken more chances and tried more things…when it’s too late.

To me, wasting years of my life that I will never be able to replace at a

job that I neither like nor make a great living at, for nothing more than paying a never

ending treadmill of bills for trivial and often over priced stuff – sounds past difficult – it’s

downright harsh!

Funny, I always picture heading out for the digital nomad life looking something like the

Beverly Hillbilly’s truck all loaded with Granny or the Griswald family cruiser in Nat’l

Lampoon’s Vacation…

You may not be ready to be ready to head out for Central America in your family cruiser by

morning, but you can certainly start exploring the endless possibilities of a ‘life plan’ less

traveled – tonight without leaving the comfort of home.


Where would you go if you could start this journey tomorrow morning?

If, instead of clawing your way through traffic to get to your crappy job tomorrow morning,

you were tucking your passport in your back pocket and heading for your adventure?

What would that look like?

How would it feel?

I’ll  bet you wouldn’t need a half a pot of coffee to get out the door…




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